The Clyde and Mary Middleton Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to a man and woman who have made a significant impact on the advancement of Republican ideals in Kenton County.
2020  Gary Johnston and Deborah Vaughn
    2019 Kim Kraft and Dave Hatter
    2018 Pam Dimmerman and Joe Koester
    2017 Scott Kimmich and Mary Lou Blount
   2016 Tom Kerr and Katie Shumate
   2015 Geoff Davis and Lynn Berk
   2014 Rick Robinson and Anna Milburn
   2013 Linda Geisselbrecht and Richard Murgatroyd
   2012 Senator Jack Westwood and Kelley Westwood
   2011 John Salyers and Debbie McKinney
   2010 Shawn Baker and Lawson Walker
   2009 Dan Humpert and Eileen Wendt
   2008 Greg Shumate
   2007 Matthew Toebben and The KCRWC
   2006 Judge Executive Ralph Drees and Nancy Roeding
   2005 Marcus Carey and Ruth Korzenborn
   2004 Senator Richard L. (Dick) Roeding and Ruth York
   2003 Bob Hitch and Jerri Collins
   2002 U.S. Senator Jim and Mary Bunning
   2001 Ted Smith and Councilwoman Beth Rose
   2000 Secretary of State Ken and Eileen Harper
   1999 Judge Executive Clyde and Mary Middleton