Governor Matt Bevin


Growing up in a small, rural town, Matt was the second of six children and was raised to appreciate the importance of strong values and hard work. 

After high school, Matt attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia with a four-year ROTC scholarship. He also worked 20-25 hours each week in the dining hall and working security at campus events to earn extra money.

Upon graduation in 1989, Matt was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain. He spent four years on active duty with primary responsibilities as the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division Artillery’s counterfire officer.

After his military service, Matt worked for many years in the financial industry. In early 1999, a job opportunity with National Asset Management brought Matt and his wife, Glenna, to Kentucky, where they decided to put down roots and raise their family. 

In 2008, Matt began helping out at Bevin Bros. – a bell manufacturing company that had been operated by the Bevin family since it opened its doors in 1832. Besieged by high taxes and foreign competition, Bevin Bros. was on the verge of bankruptcy and Matt’s uncle was planning to shut it down.

Matt met his wife Glenna in 1990 while on active duty at Ft. Polk in Louisiana. She was a registered nurse (RN) working at a civilian hospital near where Matt was stationed. They were married in 1996 and are now the parents of nine children ages 5-16.